Please note any co-sponsors, as well.
i.e. Monday 5/13/2019 (single date) Monday 5/13 - Thursday, 5/16/2019 (multi date visit)
To the best of your abilities, please provide contact information for whomever will serve as the Artist's on site contact.
To the best of your abilities & based on the Activities selected above, please advise a specific breakdown of the agenda & format of each event, noting locations, start & end times, as well as, what length of time the artist should be prepared to speak/perform during the event. EXAMPLE: **Monday, 5/13/2019** EVENT 1: Keynote @ Palladium St. Louis - Ballroom 1400 Park Pl, St. Louis, MO 63104 1:30pm - Artist Arrival Time 2:00-2:05PM - 5min Intro 2:05-2:35PM- 30min Keynote Talk 2:35-2:55PM - 20min Q&A 2:55-3:00PM - 5min Closing EVENT 2: Book Signing @ Palladium St. Louis - Lobby 1400 Park Pl, St. Louis, MO 63104 3:00-4:00PM - Book Signing after Keynote
In an effort better understand your community, we ask you to describe the anticipated audience demographic (age, profession, race, grade level, etc).
Please select as many as apply.
Let us know who you'll be working with to provide books for sale on site (preferred). If you're unsure who that will be at the moment, please write TBD. If you are unable to arrange a vendor or there is not an opportunity for merchandise sales, please let us know
To record media, written approval from artist/agency is required in advance.
Please be sure to provide a stool & a bottle of water.